Vision / Mission

We believe in the balanced development of the children, that’s why our motto is: Learn, Play and Grow!

The learning process is a never ending one. Yet, the first years are very important for the little ones. They need someone to guide them through the educational process and to help them develop their own personality and their thinking capacity. Therefore, our kindergarten offers a creative environment, where practical learning methods are applied in order for the children to shape their personal values and skills.

Thus, we pursue:

  • a free and balanced development for each children;
  • shaping a creative personality;
  • improving children’s social skills, in relation with other kids, adults or the environment;
  • encouraging children to acquire information, to apprehend abilities necessary for their future scholarly activities or for their new life within the society.

Our kindergarten focuses on offering an appropriate environment that will encourage children interactions, teach them about respect and how to solve a problem without the help of any grown up. In this way, they will be more confident about themselves and more balanced.


Our fundamental values are:

  • Tolerance
  • Truth
  • Respect for others
  • Good manners
  • Emotional support

Our principles

At DREAMLAND, we pursue:

  • To develop a beautiful and long-term relationship with the children’s families.
  • To permanently improve our services and performances.
  • To offer a relevant educational process that could ensure the children an easy transition to primary school.
  • To offer periodic reports and evaluations and to keep a close look on the academic development of children, by organizing individual discussions with their families.