Our “playground” has a new image


Just like children who grow up and become adults, we, at DREAMLAND, have also grown up and felt the need for change. We wanted to bring an improvement to our visual identity, and that’s why today we have a brand new website, that is more dynamic and user-friendly.

Once with the kindergarten rebranding, we wished to give the parents, and not only, a unique experience when they enter our site, we wanted them to know us from the first “click” and to make sure they receive the information in the most organized form.

Therefore, aside from our Mission/Vision, all the other information, especially the administrative one, is presented for each location separately: Tineretului and Băneasa. You will meet our teachers, you will stay in touch with our events and activities, the only thing you need to do is to read our blog.

We hope you will enjoy the new website and we are looking forward to your feedback. 🙂

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Daniela Petre
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