Both our locations (Tineretului kindergarten and Băneasa kindergarten) ofer a modern and pleasant environment, thanks to the well trained personnel, but also a safe and green space, due to the safety measures taken by the administration, as well as to the roomy classes, decorated in a colourful and joyful style. No matter the weather conditions, the children will always have a playground.

Both kindergartens have four age group categories, each of them with its own requirements. Due to the roomy interior space and to the smart organization, each class can easily hold its daily activities. Moreover, children will undertake different experiences, in a friendly environment and under the close observation of our dedicated teachers.

The classes are grouped by age, starting with the smaller ones, 2-3 years old, continuing with the 3-6 years old children. They are divided in classes, as follows: 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old, 4-5 years old and 5-6 years old. This segmentation allows us to better prepare the children for their first school years.