At Dreamland we follow the educational process in accordance with the kindergarten Curriculum approved by the O.M. no. 5233/01.09.2008. According to it, the children’s activities are going to take place as thematic projects (letter towards the parents, map of the project, the inquiry – what do the children know/want?, objectives). Aside from that, English classes are going to be held during the entire day, as well as educational workshops and clubs.

The particularity of the kindergarten

Dreamland follows the both the national educational program and a special curriculum based on alternative methods of learning having in view the balanced and healthy development of the children.

The English language plays an important role in our daily educational activities. Also, at Dreamland, we encourage the children to learn other foreign languages and to discover their passions and individual vocations by taking different classes such as music, dance, sports or arts.

The parents will receive weekly, monthly and annual reports from our educators who are going to monitor the evolution of the children and also make some recommendations for their future development.