The daily menus that the children eat at Dreamland have been approved by the Public Health Department and also by the nutritionist. One menu is composed of all food categories: meat (turkey, beef and fish), dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

Each day the children get 4 meals, two main meals and two snacks, that will keep them energized for the entire day:

  • 08:30 – breakfast
  • 10:30 – morning snack (fruits/vegetables)
  • 12:30 –  lunch
  • 16:00 –  afternoon snack

** the menus are free of any artificial spices and ingredients, and do not include pork meat.

The menus respect the legislation given by the Ministry of Public Health regarding the list of food products recommended for children and teenagers’ healthy nutrition. Plus, every year, we have three food investigations that can be presented to the authorities or the parents.